Instructions to Authors




Submission of a paper to the German Journal of Psychiatry is understood to imply that the data contained therein have not previously been published (except in poster or abstract form). Only submissions in English will be considered. Papers written by authors who are not native English speakers may be revised by our translator at the authors' expense (ask for the costs by sending an E-mail). Please format the paper according to the style of the German Journal of Psychiatry (see formatting instructions: How to prepare a manuscript for submission)


Accuracy of citation is the author's responsibility. References must be according to the style of the German Journal of Psychiatry. Citations appear parenthetically in the text and must be listed in alphabetical, not in numbered order. In-text-citations should be as follows:


“... was reported (Kraepelin 1897).”

or : “Kraepelin et al. (1897) reported ...”.

In the case of 2 authors, use the “&” sign: (Miller & Stevens, 2008).

In the case of 3 and more authors, use “et al.”: “(Miller et al., 2005)” Don’t forget the dot and comma behind “et al.,”


References should be listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER at the end of the article as follows:   


Neumann AE, Neumann BB, Neumann C. Lithium: an overview. J Irreproducible Results 1996;1:34-37

Brausepulver B. Psychiatry today. La Paz: Psychiatric Press 1991

Reinhardt DJ. Jazz therapy. In: Armstrong L, Holliday B (eds) Music therapy for psychiatric disorders. London: Acapella Press; 1991:20-40


All abbrevations must be explained the first time they appear


Tables: Please use all table functions provided by your word processor. Do not use blank spaces to produce tables. Please use the tabulator instead. Every number must have a SEPARATE CELL within the table. Do not forget references to the tables in the text. DO NOT insert extra spaces or tabs to achieve the effect of indentation.


The authors have to agree that copyright of the article is transferred to the German Journal of Psychiatry for all publication purposes and retention in archive retrieval systems.

Contributing Authors

Manuscripts submitted under multiple authorship are reviewed under the assumption that each quoted author has contributed substantially to the work in terms of planning, research, statistical analysis, writing of the article or final approval of the article, concurs with the submission and has approved the final version of the manuscript. The first-named author must guarantee to be responsible for the content.


Statistical evaluation should follow the "Statistical Guidelines for Contributors to Medical Journals" (Altman G. et al, Brit Med J 1983;286:1489-1493)

Disclosure of commercial interests

Any source of support for the presented research must be acknowledged in the paper, together with the disclosure of any financial involvement that might present an appearance of conflict of interests.

Patient Anonymity and Informed Consent

Please note that the German Journal of Pychiatry is widely available for public access through the internet. Ethical and legal considerations mandate that patients' anonymity be preserved. Patients must have given their informed consent to experiments on human subjects. The authors have to state that procedures involving experiments on human subjects have been approved by an ethics committee.

Review process

Submitted papers will be independently peer reviewed. Reviewers remain anonymous. The editorial decision is final. The editorial staff of the German Journal of Psychiatry aim to reach a decision within six weeks after submission.